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We’re taking this post opportunity to chat about the types of senior sessions we offer, specifically our Journey Session. We know everyone views senior portraits and the experience of them differently, which is why we offer several different sessions. But the Journey Session is special, which is exactly how we feel about your senior year. You might not know it now, but this year is BIG! And we want to celebrate that with you!

The Journey Session is offered to a limited number of seniors each year because of the time we dedicate to it with you. It includes a home style consultation working with your wardrobe and accessories. We discuss everything from head to toe outfit choices and how those choices will pair with the locations you’re excited to shoot in. We are happy to travel within 100 miles of our Appleton studio because there are so many beautiful locations that Wisconsin has to offer. Exploring and enjoying the outdoors is a passion of ours, so we always look forward to where our Journey Seniors take us!

One of our favorite features of the Journey Session has to be inviting our hair and makeup artist with us on location. Changing up your look for each outfit is a MUST when you go big! And that’s what your senior year is all about, right? Let’s ‘go big’ together ~ start dreaming about your ideal locations and styles, and let’s chat!

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Classic Senior Portraits

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What to look for in a photographer?

We think this question should be asked more, and not just when you’re searching for a senior photographer. Being in the business of storytelling, we know all too well how important it is to find the perfect partner to help tell yours! So when you’re searching for a photographer, whether it’s for your senior portraits, family photos or your wedding day here are a few things to think about.

Are you looking forward to displaying images in your home or on your screen? There are many ways your photography experience can end. Two of the most popular are receiving a drive of images that you are responsible for printing on your own time or receiving printed images that are ready to be displayed in your home and office. We are the later. Printed products are one of our passions and we love providing our clients with unique print products. Get ready to see some beautiful samples in our studio and be sure to think about where you would like to display your new images!

Can you relate to the style of your photographer, through their work and their personality? One thing a lot of people tend to overlook when choosing a photographer is their personality. This is the person who’s job it is to capture your own character, so you should be able to relate (at least a little bit), to theirs – right?! We think so! At Kim Thiel Photography, we try to encompass the natural beauty and emotion of our clients in the images we create. We can do that by being true to our passions and sharing them with you. So get ready to chat music, food, summer plans, grand adventures and all the inbetweens. We want to know you and show that off through your images!

These are two important things to think about when choosing your photographer, but certainly not the only two! What are you looking for when choosing your photographer?

kim-thiel-photography-guy-senior-photographer-01, Classic Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-guy-senior-photographer-02, Classic Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-guy-senior-photographer-03, Classic Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-guy-senior-photographer-04, Classic Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-guy-senior-photographer-05, Classic Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-guy-senior-photographer-06, Classic Senior Portraits

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