Appleton Senior Photographer

Kim Thiel Photography

Lauren // Class of 2019 // Appleton East High School

It’ll be time for Senior Photos before you know it! You may have already begun your search for the photographer that perfectly fits your style so let me just share a few things that we love most about Senior Pictures.  First off, it’s about you. We turn your music up a bit louder that day, will laugh just a little and will pamper you all along the way. We want you to look and feel comfortable so will guide you thru some easy looks, but mostly we’ll be looking for the person your friends and family know you to be. New to our collections this year is digital files for you to share on your social media pages and print whenever and wherever you’d like.

Take a peek at Lauren’s session and let us know what your perfect senior photo session looks like, we’re all ears!

Appleton Senior Photographer Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-02 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-03 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-04 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-05 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-06 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-07 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-08 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-09 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-10 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-11 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-12 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-13 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Appleton-Senior-Photography-14

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