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the ARTery – a local art market

The art scene in Appleton is taking on a new refreshing vibe from anything I’ve ever known it to be. It’s sparking the interests of a new generation bringing together a modern creative community. For me, Mile of Music started the interest a few years ago leaving Appleton craving more… more art, more youth and more things to do. Last summer Feather and Bone introduced us to a new art concept supporting local artists in the Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods gallery during Mile 2 of Mile of Music. From there we all caught the bug. With an mission to bring more local talent to the public’s eye, Feather and Bone is now spearheading the creation of The Draw; a place to work, inspire and collaborate. This unique community just so happens to also be the home to our new studio this summer!!!

In support of the art bug, Appleton was recently treated to it’s first urban market affectionately called the artery. From hand-stitched nature-kidded note cards from Circle Street to Urban Evolution’s uniquely recycled home goods, there was a gift to be found for everyone. Another of my personal favorites was Sketch Tag which will surely fit the mold of many gifting opportunities this year! And what’s a modern art scene without bloody mary’s, mimosas and the best coffee around!?! A huge thank you to Chris for his Smoked Bloody Mary’s from RYE Restaurant, Seth’s Coffee & Bake Shop in Little Chute and SAP for making our mouth’s happy. Enjoy a few images I snagged and be sure to join the community on the artery’s Facebook Page.


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Cherry Picking {sister time in door co}

Cherry picking in Door County Wisconsin seems like something everyone has done. Kari and I had not up until this day, go figure since we are seemingly there many summer weekends for weddings.

With Kari no longer at the studio, we aim to fill our time together with laughter and childhood fun. Enjoy this little montage of two girls, one bucket.

Fresh Clover {Lifestyle Session}

Running through fields of heavenly scented clover is something not to be missed this summer.

With Kari gone from the studio, this is a glimpse into what she is doing with her extra time. She shared this little session capturing some of the carefree moments I hope our girls continue to have throughout life. Soak it in, be inspired and run free.

Fresh Clover Tea

2C fresh white or purple clover heads

3C distilled water

2T clover honey

Boil water, add clover, remove from heat and steep for 15mins. Strain, add honey and enjoy the taste of summer.