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Exclusive Senior Portrait Experience

Kim Thiel Photography

An exclusive senior portrait experience is what we strive to provide each future graduate that walks through our doors. We value your commitment to quality photography and want to create images that tell your story as it unfolds. This senior year of high school is just the beginning of a beautiful journey, look forward to it! This might be the first time you step in front of a camera for professional portraits and we hope it’s as every bit enjoyable as you dream.

As this summer season is upon us, we encourage you to send us a note to find out if we’re a good fit for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-01, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-02, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-03, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-04, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-05, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-06, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-07, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-08, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-09, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-10, Exclusive Senior Portrait

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Maddie {the preview}

Kim Thiel Photography

Here is one more sneak into Maddie’s Door County Senior Portraits. Shooting in the beautiful Door Peninsula is always such a dream, we are excited to do it more this summer! Interested in more details about scheduling a session outside of the Appleton area? Follow the link at the end of the blog so we can chat!

Wardrobe: Spot

Kim-Thiel-Photography-Door-County-Senior-Portraits-2, Door County Senior Portraits Kim-Thiel-Photography-Door-County-Senior-Portraits-3, Door County Senior Portraits Kim-Thiel-Photography-Door-County-Senior-Portraits-4, Door County Senior Portraits


Wisconsin Senior Photographer

Kim Thiel Photography

Hey class of 2018! Are you searching for Wisconsin’s Best Senior Photographer and experience!? Every year gets better and better at Kim Thiel Photography and 2018 is no exception! Our downtown Appleton studio is in the middle of some pretty great locations that we can’t wait to share with you during your senior portraits and we truly strive to make each experience unique to you!

kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-01, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-02, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-03, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-04, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-05, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-06, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-07, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-08, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-09, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-10, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-high-school-senior-photographer-11, Wisconsin's Best Senior Photographer

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