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Winter Senior Photography

Best Friends Session

Winter is usually a slow down season for photographers, but we’re changing the pattern. There is still three weeks of winter left to book a best friends session or plan for warmer weather and schedule for spring blooms! Celebrating who you are in this year of adventure is what it’s all about… and why not do that with your besties by your side? Life is way too short to be anything but exceptional and your friends will be the first to remind you of that!

Winter Senior Photography Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-02 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-03 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-04 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-05 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-06 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-07 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-08 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-09 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-10 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-11 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-12 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-13 Kim-Thiel-Photography-Winter-Senior-Photography-14

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Exclusive Senior Portrait Experience

Kim Thiel Photography

An exclusive senior portrait experience is what we strive to provide each future graduate that walks through our doors. We value your commitment to quality photography and want to create images that tell your story as it unfolds. This senior year of high school is just the beginning of a beautiful journey, look forward to it! This might be the first time you step in front of a camera for professional portraits and we hope it’s as every bit enjoyable as you dream.

As this summer season is upon us, we encourage you to send us a note to find out if we’re a good fit for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-01, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-02, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-03, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-04, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-05, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-06, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-07, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-08, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-09, Exclusive Senior Portrait kim-thiel-photography-appleton-north-senior-photographer-10, Exclusive Senior Portrait

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