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Fox Valley Senior Portraits

Kim Thiel Photography

You have your photographer booked and your session date confirmed… now what? Wardrobe! Picking out the perfect outfits to compliment your style can seem like an overwhelming task. But we’re here to help! We might not have a styling Ph.D, but we’ve photographed a senior or two in our day (ha!) to have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve listed a few tips below to help get you started when it comes to selecting your outfits.

  • Mind your length! Dresses, skirts and shorts are always fun to wear, but be cautious of their length for your photo session. The shorter they are, the fewer posing options we have. Sitting, bending and dancing might have to take a back seat if you choose short options.
  • Think about that cut! Low cut tops or strapless dresses can be tricky and easily rule out a complete look for your yearbook image. If you have a low cut piece you really want to wear, consider pairing it with a big necklace or a light jacket. Removable layers give you more options as your session goes on as well!
  • Don’t shy away from patterns & colors! Get bold with fun colored jeans or a funky patterned dress ~ we love it when our seniors stand out! Keep in mind though, neons and over the top patterns need to be matched with big personalities. So if you bring them be ready to show off your wild sides for us!!
  • Accessorize with layers! An easily overlooked tip is accessorizing with your outfits with layers. This can include anything from jackets to jewels, vests and hats. When you get your prep guide we encourage you to bring a few more pieces than you think you might need. This will give us the option to play around with your styling and switch up your outfits if a location calls for it.

We hope these tips helped! If you’re still feeling a bit worried about your styling, don’t fret. We have a beautiful and genuine team committed to making you look and feel your best on your session date.

kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-01, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-02, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-03, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-04, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-05, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-06, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-07, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-08, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-09, Fox Valley Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-senior-photographer-10, Fox Valley Senior Portraits

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Appleton Senior Portraits

Kim Thiel Photography

This time of year is so exciting and energizing for us. The winter season is typically a quiet time for us Wisconsinites and as photographers we love to take that time to slow down and regroup. But once it starts to warm up and the earth around us begins to awaken we are pumped to start a fresh year of senior portraits! We have quite a few new ideas for this year along with some brand new faces too ~ we’ll have to do more introductions of everyone as summer rolls in and we’re in the studio together! One of our favorite things about this season is getting outdoors and location scouting to find the perfect spots for your portraits. Of course we love to travel outside the city for sessions if we get the opportunity, but some of our favorite spots are right outside the studio doors in beautiful Downtown Appleton. Living and working in this homey city of ours puts a big smile on our faces each day!

With the end of your school year in sight and summer activities filling up your calendars, we know just how busy life can get. But we hope you’ll make some time to enjoy this beautiful season with us!

kim-thiel-photography-hip-senior-photographer-01 kim-thiel-photography-hip-senior-photographer-02 kim-thiel-photography-hip-senior-photographer-03 kim-thiel-photography-hip-senior-photographer-04, Appleton Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-hip-senior-photographer-05, Appleton Senior Portraits kim-thiel-photography-hip-senior-photographer-06, Appleton Senior Portraits