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Playful Spring Engagement

Most sessions are memorable in some form. Sometimes it’s the deep conversation it turns to, sometimes it’s when we uncover something new about each other and I get to capture the moment, and sometimes it’s just a fun personality that come out that resonates with me! My favorite moment from this session is when I asked Parker to whisper a story in Marissa’s ear. At first they got all sweet and cuddly and then bust into this adoring laughter of love. I no sooner learn he was telling her, in his deepest, sweetest most serious voice, he was so hungry and he couldn’t wait to be done so he could eat. Parker, I’m so happy you made it through your beautiful spring engagement session!

kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_01, Spring Engagementkim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_02, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_03, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_04, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_05, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_06, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_07, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_08, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_09, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_10, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_11, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_12, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_13, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_14, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_15, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_16, Spring Engagement kim-thiel-photography_pine-plaid-engagement_17, Spring Engagement



Winter Engagement, Appleton Wisconsin

Winter weddings… winter engagements… we are loving all things winter this season! Even if it is unusually warm out, we’re not complaining.

Stephanie and Bo have that simple sweet sort of love that pairs perfectly with a snowy backdrop. As we walked along the Fox River and admired the falling snowflakes, it was so easy to enjoy the happiness that flowed between these two. An engagment session filled with memories frozen in time, and a love that will grow forever…

01-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 02-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 03-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 04-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 05-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 06-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 07-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 08-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 09-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 10-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 11-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement 12-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement, Winter Engagement Appleton Wisconsin 13-Kim-Thiel-Photography-Snowy-Engagement, Winter Engagement Appleton Wisconsin