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Anthropologie Elves

As artists, we thrive on our own creativity but we’re also drawn to the energy of other creatives who equally appreciate the beauty of design, movement, light and the love to make beautiful things. About a week ago we came across a post on Anthropologie‘s Facebook page about a Holiday Display Workshop. Being an adorer of the color palette, textures and overall creativity of this brand it was a no-brainer that going was a must. The focus of the workshop was to be hands-on involved with the 2011 holiday window display they are currently creating and to have open chit chat with their artistic team. Like little holiday elves we got to work creating a collection of reflective orbs using simple yet beautiful materials: clean stir sticks, twisted wire, styrofoam balls and a little glue. It was like being back in art school studio with old friends.

Kari, mom and I were delightfully greeted by Kim and Tara who are the full-time creative team at Anthro’s Third Ward Milwaukee store. Once we were given instructions on this years creation we had the opportunity to discuss the brand a bit more in depth. Upon inquiring about the inspiration of each unique seasonal display, we learned that they create mainly from simple every-day materials, recycled textures and organics that reflect each coming season. The fall 2011 windows made use of funky gourds and a complimenting pallet of magenta, pink and orange fabrics that made you want to rethink your decorating ideas for autumn this year. Something so simple yet so stunning is what I find myself thinking each time I have the chance to visit their boutique.

Thank you and love to our mother for the talent she gave us and encourages us to discover the depths of each and every day. We have you to thank for entrusting us with your camera when we were 8 and 10 years old and for always encouraging us to follow our dreams. We love you and are so happy to share this journey with you.