A Cape Cod Wedding :: Part 1/4 {carrie & stasia}

From a snowy mountain top, Stasia got down on one ski and in sign language, asked to Carrie to be her wife. A proposal that was the spark to the magic of what this Cape Cod wedding would be for all involved.

There is something to be said about the power of love. It does not always come neatly packaged with a bow. Love sometimes needs time to grow, time to reveal it’s true beauty, it’s strength. Carrie and Stasia have that simple story of two people meeting, falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of their days together but in addition to that they have more. It was an honor to document such a well deserved day–you two amazing women gave us that one simple yet powerful ingredient that we needed to create a beautiful collection of memories. Thank you for not giving up on your love, may all your days be filled with the happiness you both deserve.

Being asked to document a celebration at a location new to our eyes, ears and nose is a huge compliment to the art we create. When stepping into this new world with camera in hand we’re like a kid in a candy shop! This wedding was meant to be captured as seen through the eyes of many of Carrie and Stasia’s guests. We’ll be sharing the story of Carrie and Stasia in a four parts and they’ll each have their own story to share. Part one is for the love and union of friends and family gathering from near and far not simply asked to show up for one day but to enjoy the many delights of the Cape. For many, the weekend celebration started in Chicago which is also where your journey will begin. Enjoy part one… a collection of details unique to this new location for us.