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We Welcome Digital Files

As a photographer, I’ve always wanted to deliver a tangible product, not just something that sat in a drawer. I felt it was part of my service to ensure you had actual prints to share, display and admire which would evoke a smile on every face that saw it. The truth is, social media IS that place. It’s where we share our adventures and love on each other. It’s where we share the silly things our kids are doing and inspire others to get out and explore. That’s what social media has been to me at least.

New to everything we offer this year will be digital files, both web-sharing and printable. I’ve found a fantastic partner in USB Memory Direct who creates a product that reflects the natural elements of my brand and I want to share it with you!

Now for the good stuff… let’s celebrate! For any family or senior session photographed before April 1, 2019, I will include the complete web-sharing digital collection. Even better yet, if you invest in the full printable collection photography session I’ll include the printed proof collection.

I hope each and every one of you had a refreshing holiday break and a Happy New Year. And if anyone resolved to update their family photos or start investing in family photos, now is a great time to cross that one off your list this year!

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Door County Family Gathering

This is what summer is all about; family gatherings at summer homes, cousin time, catching up on life, traditional summer picnic foods and fun colorful outfits celebrating the now endless warmth of summer. We have met so many playful families and photographed so much love and laughter over the years, but this family reunion of-sorts may just take the cake for a good time! Last week I spent an evening with more families than I could even keep track of and who-belongs-to-who and feasted on some fabulous food from Alexander’s in Fish Creek. This week has been filled with smiles as I relive all the laughter we shared that night. A HUGE thank you for all the love from this family – you have warmed my heart.  door-county-family-photographer_01 door-county-family-photographer_02 door-county-family-photographer_03 door-county-family-photographer_04 door-county-family-photographer_05 door-county-family-photographer_06 door-county-family-photographer_07 door-county-family-photographer_08 door-county-family-photographer_09 door-county-family-photographer_10 door-county-family-photographer_11 door-county-family-photographer_12 door-county-family-photographer_13 door-county-family-photographer_14 door-county-family-photographer_15 door-county-family-photographer_16 door-county-family-photographer_17 door-county-family-photographer_18 door-county-family-photographer_19 door-county-family-photographer_20 door-county-family-photographer_21 door-county-family-photographer_22 door-county-family-photographer_23 door-county-family-photographer_24 door-county-family-photographer_25 door-county-family-photographer_26 door-county-family-photographer_27 door-county-family-photographer_28 door-county-family-photographer_29 door-county-family-photographer_30 door-county-family-photographer_31 door-county-family-photographer_32 door-county-family-photographer_33 door-county-family-photographer_34 door-county-family-photographer_35 door-county-family-photographer_36 door-county-family-photographer_37 door-county-family-photographer_38 door-county-family-photographer_39 door-county-family-photographer_40 door-county-family-photographer_41 door-county-family-photographer_42 door-county-family-photographer_43 door-county-family-photographer_44 door-county-family-photographer_45